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Governor Hochul’s ConnectALL initiative will be the largest-ever investment in New York's digital infrastructure, transforming it so all New Yorkers have affordable, reliable broadband statewide. Catalyzing over $1 billion in new public and private investments, ConnectALL will provide affordable broadband access to New Yorkers in rural and urban areas statewide and continue New York State’s leadership on connectivity.

In 2015, New York State made an initial $500 million investment with the New NY Broadband program  — the largest state broadband investment in the nation at the time. Working through public-private partnerships, the program deployed more than 21,000 miles of fiber, providing access to 256,000 homes, businesses, and community institutions.

Nonetheless, the COVID-19 pandemic exposed that high-speed broadband remains too costly for many New Yorkers. Affordability is an especially steep barrier, often driven by lack of competition and consumer choice. Today, the average basic broadband subscription costs more than $50 a month, and nearly one-third of New Yorkers have only one provider option. Furthermore, equity remains an issue with Black and Hispanic households in New York more likely not to have a subscription than white households.

Closing this remaining digital divide is critical, because having universal access to high-speed broadband in our digital economy is as essential as having heat, clean water, and reliable electricity. Connectivity helps New Yorkers go to school, work remotely, find a job, start a business, access healthcare, and communicate with loved ones. Further investment in this vital public infrastructure will not only strengthen the progress of our State’s initial investment, it will boost economic growth and local innovation far into the future.

The ConnectALL Office continues the mission of closing the digital divide in New York State, ensuring that all New Yorkers have access to affordable high-speed Internet and making broadband for all a reality.

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