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Regional and Local Assistance

Helping localities plan and prepare for broadband deployment or other digital equity initiatives


ConnectALL will provide funding through the Regional and Local Assistance to assist local governments, counties, municipalities, Tribal Governments, and other government entities or entities created by units of government to plan or prepare for broadband deployment or other digital equity initiatives.  Regional and Local Assistance is a critical complement to the other programs of ConnectALL, including the Affordable Housing Connectivity Program, the Municipal Infrastructure Program, the Digital Equity Program, and the ConnectALL Deployment and Rural Broadband Program. To maximize their effectiveness, these programs require effective planning and partnership on the regional and local level across the state. RLA will support building local capacity to implement these programs.

ConnectALL is designated as the administrator of  Regional and Local Assistance as the duly authorized representative to determine program structure and requirements, evaluate applicant information, monitor grantees for project completion and satisfactory performance, collect grantee data to ensure compliance with all program requirements and verify allowable uses of funds, and approve disbursement of grant funds to selected grantees. ConnectALL may provide technical assistance to the applicants during the application and/or the application curing process, at its discretion. Empire State Development will execute a Grant Disbursement Agreement (GDA) with each Grantee that will describe the planned use of funds, the timeline, the geographic area of focus, and the intended impact on digital equity and a robust broadband marketplace in the area.

Regional and Local Assistance Guidelines